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Mary Elizabeth Bowden - Radiance preview & tracklisting


Classical trumpeter and Yamaha Performing Artist, Mary Elizabeth Bowden brings her delicate yet powerful versatility to her debut album “RADIANCE” (Summit Records, April 14, 2015). The album features Bowden’s interpretations of compositions written by some of the most innovative modern American composers. Ranging from Barber to Ludwig and Hallman to Stephenson, the album is filled with exciting new works, many of which have never been recorded until now. 

“On RADIANCE, I’m exploring the flexibility of the trumpet as a solo instrument. I chose this collection of compositions because they help convey the different sounds, expressions and colors the trumpet can have while pushing the boundaries of the instrument,” says Bowden.

The title track is taken from the name of the David Ludwig piece, originally for oboe and strings; this is the first time this work has been performed or recorded on the trumpet.

Joseph Hallman's “Sonata for Trumpet (and flugelhorn) and Piano” was commissioned by Bowden with support from her first teacher, Tim Jones. Completed in March 2014, this work is a significant addition to the trumpet repertoire.

Trumpet and flute interact in colorful, musical conversation on James Stephenson’s "Croatian Trio,” which was written in 2003 at the Velika Gorica festival in Croatia. The track was recorded with virtuoso flutist Mercedes Smith (Principal Flute of the Utah Symphony.) Bowden will premiere the work live at the same festival in Croatia in 2015.

Other works on the album by living, working composers are Catherine McMichael's “Totem Voices: Suite for Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Piano,” Joseph Turrin's “Escapade for Piccolo trumpet and Piano,” “Arabesque for 2 Trumpets and Piano,” and “Fandango for Trombone and Piano.”

Samuel Barber's “Op. 10, Three Songs” demonstrates Bowden’s artistry as she balances the instrument’s power and delicacy, especially heard in the militaristic yet yearning "I Hear an Army."

A Yamaha Performing Artist, Bowden is an award-winning trumpet soloist who performs internationally with orchestras and chamber groups. She is a regular guest artist at the Marlboro Music Festival and is a founding member of Seraph Brass and the Chrysalis Chamber Players. She has performed as Principal Trumpet with the Artosphere Festival Orchestra, Auckland Philharmonia, Daejeong Philharmonic, and Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra, among others.

“RADIANCE” Track List:


1.    Joseph Turrin: Escapade

Alexandra Carlson, piano

[A high virtuosic piece for piccolo trumpet]


2.    Samuel Barber Op. 10, Three Songs: Rain Has Fallen


3.    Samuel Barber, Op. 10, Three Songs: Sleep Now


4.    Samuel Barber, Op. 10, Three Songs: I Hear an Army

Alexandra Carlson, piano

[Three songs originally for voice and piano]


5.    David Ludwig: Radiance for Piccolo Trumpet and Strings

[originally for oboe and strings, commissioned by Richmond Symphony (where Mary is third trumpet) ]

Zoë Martin-Doike & Miho Saegusa, violins; Frank Shaw, viola; Jiyoung Lee, cello; Edward Paulsen, bass, recorded at the Artosphere Festival with the Artosphere Festival Strings


6.    Joseph Turrin: Fandango for Trumpet, Trombone, and Piano

Zenas Kim-Banther, trombone; Milana Strezeva, piano

[Brass-hoppers Trio under management with Manhattan Music Ensemble]


7.    Joseph Hallman: Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, Movement I


8.    Joseph Hallman: Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, II. Hypnotic


9.    Joseph Hallman: Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, III. Frenetic and Frenzied

Alexandra Carlson, piano

[A piece I commissioned with help from my first teacher, Timothy Jones]


10.  Catherine McMichael: Totem Voices for Trumpet and Piano, I. Snowy Wolf


11.  Catherine McMichael: Totem Voices for Trumpet and Piano, II. Beluga


12.  Catherine McMichael: Totem Voices for Trumpet and Piano, III. Mosquito


13.  Catherine McMichael: Totem Voices for Trumpet and Piano, IV. Whale/Thunderbird

Milana Strezeva, piano

[Influenced by the Totems of the Pacific Northwest]


14.  Joseph Turrin: Arabesque for Two Trumpets and Piano

David Bilger, trumpet; Alexandra Carlson, piano

[David Bilger was my teacher at the Curtis Institute of Music]


15.  James Stephenson: “Croatian” Trio for Trumpet, Flute, and Piano, I. Dances for Insecure Nobility


16.  James Stephenson: “Croatian” Trio for Trumpet, Flute, and Piano, II. Ruby


17.  James Stephenson: “Croatian” Trio for Trumpet, Flute, and Piano, III. No Re-morse

Mercedes Smith, flute; Milana Strezeva, piano