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Andrew Ginsburg talks to America's Comedy about his comedy and fitness blog

Audio Interview: The Blog Workout with Andrew Ginsburg

When AmericasComedy.Com last spoke with New York City comic Andrew Ginsburg, he had just released his debut album Pumping Irony.

Since then, he’s flexed his muscles in another forum: the blog. Initially hesitant to incorporate his personal training career into his act, Andrew has now found that the blog is more like a comedy gym. He is able to freely transition between health and fitness tips to a humorous perspective on his day-to-day encounters.

The blog has also served as a great way for Andrew to connect with a new audience. Receiving emails daily, people seek out Andrew’s advice on ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

The blog has also served another important purpose for Andrew. While writing daily, he’s discovered all new material for his act.

It’s from this daily writing exercise that Ginsburg found the connection to incorporate his fitness career into his stand up routine. Known by his clients for his personality at the gym, Andrew makes the strenuous activity of getting in shape an enjoyable experience. Now, audiences at the comedy clubs can experience why his sense of humor eliminates the stereotype that being healthy is trendy.

Never one for gimmick diets and fads, Andrew is brutally honest when it comes to hype in the health industry. In other words, you won’t find his act with a “gluten free” label anytime soon.

Coming full circle, Andrew Ginsburg is preparing a new 40 minute set based on his personal training experiences for Caroline’s Comedy Club on March 5th. To learn more on how to stay fit while laughing the lethargy away, visit Andrew’s website, which is the foundation for a possible book combining great health advice with his successful sense of humor.

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