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Kristin Korb "What's Your Story?" in its 21st week on the chart!


Kristin Korb "What's Your Story?" in its 18th week on the chart!


Kristin Korb "What's Your Story?" in its 16th week on the chart!


Kristin Korb "What's Your Story?" holding steady for two weeks at No. 33.



Kristin Korb "What's Your Story?" No. 20 on the JazzWeek Charts!



Kristin Korb "What's Your Story?" No. 39 on the JazzWeek Charts!


Kristin Korb "What's Your Story?" No. 33 on the JazzWeek Charts!



Kristin Korb "What's Your Story?" No. 44 on the JazzWeek Charts!



Kristin Korb "What's Your Story?" No. 50 on the JazzWeek Charts!




"Though many a fine bassist - Jay Leonhart, John Miller and Clipper Anderson among them - occasionally sings, Kristin Korb numbers among the rare few who excel at both." - Christopher Loudon - Jazz Times Magazine 




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Kristin Korb NRW Jazz Hilden Jazz festival 2013

Live Review - Hildener Jazztag in Germany

May 29, 2013


Kristin Korb is the Esperanza Spalding of mainstream jazz. The Danish bassist and vocalist Kristin presented songs from her new CD production "What's Your Story?" Stylistically Kristin is swinging, groovy mainstream jazz, influenced by musicians such as Ray Brown and Charles Mingus and the vocal tradition of Sarah Vaughan or Ella Fitzgerald.Kristin was accompanied by Martin Sasse (piano) and the director of the festival, drummer Peter Baumgartner, the first time the festival opened with a musician this year.

Kristin Korb at Hildenberg Jazz Fest 2013 photos: Bernd Zim­mer­mann, Zbi­ge­niew Lewandowski

Photos: Bernd Zim­mer­mann, Zbi­ge­niew Lewandowski

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Album review by Joe Woodard

May 9, 2013

For those as-yet unini­ti­ated into the world of Kristin Korb, lis­ten­ing to her new album “What’s Your Story?” may feed decep­tive assump­tions. One might admire the under­stated, lim­ber vocal work and taste­ful impro­vi­sa­tional ven­tures beyond the tune itself, and the well-known and expectation-fulfilling attrib­utes of gui­tarist Bruce For­man and drum­mer Jeff Hamil­ton. But wait, the inquir­ing, unini­ti­ated mind wants to know, who’s that bassist? Yes, that would be Ms. Korb, the rare jazz bassist-vocalist who han­dles both tasks, con­cur­rently, with aplomb and artistry. She inspires double-take effects that she may be weary of by now: this is what she does and who she is by now, after all. But the sur­prise fac­tor may be grad­u­ally shift­ing, given the pop­u­lar­ity and double-taking vir­tu­os­ity of another jazz bass-voice wiz­ard, Esper­anza Spald­ing. For the right kind of multi-tasking tal­ent, the mix can really sing.


Kristin Korb What's Your Story?On Mon­day night, Ms. Korb returns to SOhO for a show on the heels of her fine new album, released on her own aptly-named Dou­ble K label. Although she spent many years hon­ing and devel­op­ing in Los Ange­les, study­ing and play­ing with Ray Brown after ini­tial clas­si­cal stud­ies with Bertram Turet­zky at UC San Diego, her travel plan­ning is more com­pli­cated now, as she relo­cated to Den­mark after mar­ry­ing a Dane.


Join­ing her at the SOhO show is the cast from the new record, and what a cast: both Mr. For­man and Mr. Hamil­ton— part of the Clay­ton Hamil­ton Big Band power train and long a part of Ray Brown’s trio— are among the top West Coast-based jazz play­ers. As heard on the new album, the trio works empa­thet­i­cally as an inter­ac­tive unit, with a com­mon goal in mind and a way of organ­i­cally engag­ing in dialogue.


Although nobody would argue that the album is a fine exam­ple of solid, swing­ing main­stream jazz, refresh­ingly, the song choice on “What’s Your Story?” swerves around the usual sus­pects in the stan­dards reper­toire. As if in sly manip­u­la­tion of the stan­dards issue, the best-known “real book” stan­dard here, “Green Dol­phin Street,” arrives in our ears in the form of just her voice and bass, each task han­dled with expres­sive elan.


She does take on, as a kind of quasi-title theme and cen­tral musi­cal ques­tion, “What’s Your Story Morn­ing Glory,” in a slow, bluesy way. She waxes sul­try and “Poinciana-” esque exotic on “Flamingo” and eases into up-tempo swing and tangle-tongued lyrics on “Them There Eyes,” with a gui­tar solo from Mr. For­man lead­ing into a smooth-scatting Ms. Korb, and the brushes-wielding Mr. Hamilton.


In medium swing mode, she finds her sashay­ing, easy-does-it groove on Cole Porter’s “Don’t Fence Me In” and “Red Wagon,” and she gets art­fully torchy on the bal­ladic “Moments like This,” a short beauty of a track, backed only by Mr. For­man. Clos­ing the song set in a moody mid­night mood, the bassist-vocalist starts out “I Wanna Be Loved” by her not-so-lonesome lone­some, with gui­tar and drums eas­ing into the sonic picture.


“What’s Your Story?” con­tin­ues the story of a straight ahead dou­ble treat in jazz, from SoCal to Den­mark and occa­sion­ally back again.



Album Review 

April 25, 2013

"Bass players will take note of Korb’s mesmerizing solo bass and voice arrangement of “Green Dolphin Street.” With intricate syncopations in the bass and vocal parts, one might think the bassist has two brains." - Kevin Johnson

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Album Review

April 9, 2014

Kristin Korb

"Korb’s singing, impressive from the time of her first recording with her mentor Ray Brown, has increased assurance, a knowing use of inflection and flawless intonation in the upper register. Her bass playing is in the Brown tradition; clean, tough, in tune and rhythmically irresistible. Her solo on “Green Dolphin Street” is a high point."

"This could be a candidate for vocal album of the year. But, then, there’s that bass playing." - Doug Ramsey - Rifftides

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Storytime with Kristin Korb

Singer and Bassist Plays SOhO on Monday, May 13

Joe Miller catches up with Kristin in this interview.

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Kristin Korb What's Your Story? photo by Ulrik Janzten

Bassist embraces life’s twists and turns

 Kristin Korb was naturally drawn to the instrument that ‘drives the band’


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Entertain Me (blog)

An interview by Michael Shinafelt  May 10, 2013

Jazz Hot Kristin Korb: "What's Your Story"?

Kristin Korb What's Your Story? photo by: Ulrik Jantzen


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Kristen Korb’s "What’s Your Story" Album Review

"What’s Your Story?" is sure to be one of the year's best sounding jazz albums." - J.T. Reyes

March 1, 2013

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