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Hi-Tech Comedy: Erikka Innes talks hi-tech comedy with Ben Rosenfeld. 

 June 7, 2013

"How are you using the internet / social media to promote your career?

I like using it to find new fans and stay in touch with existing ones. It’s great to be able to joke around with people on facebook and twitter. Some people have been with me since the very beginning when I had barely 1,000 followers on twitter."

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Just Do it! (That’s What She Said)

June 8, 2013
Erikka Innes speaks with Marilyn Anne Michaels about how she began her stand-up career and shares some tips for those just getting started. 

..."If your best friend wanted to get into stand-up, what advice would you  give them?
You just have to be stubborn and persistent. Stay focused on what you’re doing and what you want to accomplish because that’s what’s important. Don’t get caught up in worrying about what others are doing, whether they are doing more than you or if they’ve gotten to places you haven’t. It can be a long process, you have to want it enough to keep working on it. If you’re just starting you should be out performing as much as possible!"

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Working Author - entertainment news & views

May 2, 2013 - An interview with the funniest nerd you'll ever meet, Erikka Innes. 


Working hard never guarantees success, but it certainly puts one in a better position to achieve it. Veteran stand-up comic Erikka Innes has a work ethic that makes her success as a comedian almost a foregone conclusion. She forces herself to write every day, and usually not on topics that are comfortable for her. Granted, this material typically doesn’t make it into her act, but it’s evidence of her rigid determination to keep honing her craft, and it automatically puts her a cut above most stand-up comics. Innes also tries to put out a new comedy album every year, emulating the practice of successful comics. Her latest is Smells Like Nerd Spirit, but she confessed to Working Author that she’s already hatching plans for a third.

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Ventura County Star catches up with Erikka before a sold-out show with the LA Comedy Underground at the Santa Paula Theatre.

Kevin Griffin/Contributed photo Erikka Innes pokes fun at pirates, Facebook, fancy restaurants and “comic book boobs” on her latest comedy CD, “Smells Like Nerd Spirit.”


Comedian Erikka Innes embraces the “n” word (the less controversial one) proudly: The Stanford University graduate’s Twitter handle is “@nerdgirlcomedy.” Innes, one of six comedians who will perform tonight in Santa Paula as part of the L.A. Comedy Underground show, described her routine this way to “My act is observations about life from the perspective of someone (me) with the mind of a teenage boy trapped in the body of a smart, attractive woman (still me)."


April 4, 2013

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Comedy, Food, Sposrts Episode 29 is here at last! 


The hilarious Erikka Innes call in to talk about her comedy special "Smells like Nerd Spirit", ex-boyfriends, her video game system invention and not march madness.  


March 22, 2013

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America's Comedy (Interview) Erikka Innes Is A Real Nerd

Erikka Innes really was a nerd before it was cool.  She started comedy seven years ago as an awkward, weird-dressing, cute nerd and watched as that suddenly became cool.  From her throwback dresses and nerd glasses to her sincere enjoyment of comic books, Erikka’s personality and persona were just waiting for pop culture to catch up, even if she is a little ambivalent about accidentally becoming the flavor of the week.

March 18, 2013 

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America's Comedy review of Erikka Innes' new album "Smells Like Nerd Spirit" 

Erikka Innes

"As we all know, the fifth law of thermodynamics states that if a girl has a sense of humor then she is automatically attractive. Now if you consider that Erikka Innes is a seriously funny comedian and add to it her vast encyclopedic brain of nerdom than you would have to guess that the Internet is in love with her." - Nate Rankin

March 11, 2013

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Erika Innes interviewed in GuySpeedErikka Innes 

Funny girl Erikka Innes is as cute as she is nerdy. Her highly-anticipated stand-up special ‘Smells Like Nerd Spirit’ was released yesterday, and we’re officially in love.


March 6, 2013 

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Erikka Innes (@NerdGirlComedy) quoted Tweets and Jokes

7,722 engaged Twitter followers

Erikka quoted in Melinda Hill’s column Dysfunctional Dater

May 6, 2013

Comedian Erikka Innes (@Nerdgirlcomedy) "A guy apologized for trying to grope me on our first meeting, it happened cuz he has diabetes, could he have a 2nd chance. #DD"


 Top Bay Area Comedians to Follow on Twitter

By Dana Sitar May 1, 2012


The greatest gags, tweets, jests and jokes from the past year ... According to the top comics who wrote them


March 30, 2013

Erikka Innes (@nerdgirlcomedy)

“I used to read comics as a pre-teen and get really upset. I was like really? That's how big my boobs have to be if I want to fight crime? Holy crap! I better start drinking milk!”


Comics' favorite jokes

Compiled by Carrie Seim, Larry Getlen, Gregory E. Miller and Reed Tucker

 March 31, 2012

Erikka Innes

“Why do we judge hotness on a scale of 1 to 10? It’s so old-school. In my book, there’s only two kinds of people: bangable and unbangable. I use a binary system. You can be a zero or you can be number 1.”


Taking to Twitter: Everybody’s Oscar night in 140 characters

By Patrick Hruby February 25, 2013

From comedian Erikka Innes, ‏@nerdgirlcomedy: “Re: Anne Hathaway’s dress… IT’S ALL FUNAND GAMES TIL SOMEONE LOSES AN EYE”